The Case for Universal Creative Income

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    This reminds me of a Zapier blog post that talked about "would-be entrepreneurs" and why they didn't follow through on their business ideas.

    "Roughly three in five Americans (61 percent) have had an idea for starting a business, and around a third (34 percent) have had more than one. But an overwhelming majority of those people—92 percent—didn't follow through"

    "Roughly half of would-be entrepreneurs—49 percent—said they'd be more likely to start a business if they had access to group plan benefits currently tied to full-time employment (e.g., health insurance, 401k matching)."

    Seems like American privatized health care could be a serious roadblock for innovation.

    Source: https://zapier.com/blog/potential-entrepreneurs-report/

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      Spot on! Healthcare innovation would almost certainly encourage more starters. I know that was one of the biggest reasons I waited to go full-time freelancing (I would have left my job 2-3 year prior if I had a reasonable health insurance option).

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    Li is an excellent thinker. This was a great piece, and just adds fuel to the fire that the economic system of the last hundred years won't support the innovation required for the next 100.

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