The Content Marketing Guidebook: 70+ Lessons For More Traffic, Leads & Building An Audience

We’ve all read eBooks that were meant to be blog posts but were instead padded out to 100+ pages. But, this guidebook is the opposite.

0% fluff, 100% actionable insights combined with expert advice that help you drive traffic, generate leads, and build an audience.

You Get 70+ Content Marketing Lessons (PDF) on:

-Content update framework
-Proven SEO strategies
-Copywriting formula
-Landing page optimization tips
-Content distribution strategies
-Content auditing strategies
-Writing benefit-driven CTAs

Here's the TOC of the first 21 lessons:

Content marketing tips TOC

👉Download the content marketing guidebook here.

P.S. Some of the insights from the guidebook are featured by IndieHackers, Demand Curve, and praised by Joe Pulizzi.

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    Oh, this is nice, we have something for marketing too in our website, might as well check if it is good content. https://www.saasjournal.io/

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    Where did you get these resources? So helpful and to the point.

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    70+ Lessons. That's a huge list to get started with content marketing. Thanks!

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