The "easily a billion dollar company" I'm building

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    Looks good to me. You’d have to break people’s habit of doing things, though. As someone else has said, I hate notifications too so I have a routine of checking the various places they stalk me. I tried to use slack as a receptacle for all notifications but it ended up as information overload and just became background noise. A good implementation might solve that, though.

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      Thank you for your feedback@steveL !

      Do you also have a way of sorting notifications into different buckets? e.g your work notifications from your side projects notifications?

      I'm asking because that's kind of the main focus of what we've built so far but in the copy I address the broader (maybe) need of a "notifications hub". I figured that is a larger problem, with more "pull", that this product also will solve.

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    My first two honest thoughts...

    (1) I'm tired of notifications, why would I want a central place for them?
    (2) Isn't my email inbox already a central place for notifications? But then again, I've given up on my following all the notifications already. It's too hard to keep up. If someone really wants me to do something, they'll Slack me the jira, github PR, wiki page for comments, etc directly. Otherwise, it's all noise.

    But of course, other people may love it. I am a bit of a bear and am not typically an early adopter (despite being on IH)

    Your screenshot shows that you try to organize notifications for you into a sort of meta-todo list. That's more interesting. Browser tabs often become people's TODO lists as well. Lots of "oh boy, I need to do that" floating around. If you can find a way to make people able to process (or ignore) notifications/todos then that could be a winner.

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      I'm with @codyaray on this. All my notifications are disabled and I like it that way. I'll open your email when I want to; I'm not gonna let an app distract me from whatever I'm doing.

      But yeah, I'm probably not in your target audience anyways. So it doesn't matter haha. Keep working on this! Looks interesting.

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      @codyaray @nicholaschiang

      Thank you for the feedback! I can definitely see your point.

      The starting point for this idea was wanting to be able to group notifications by project, company, feature etc. An automatic self-sorting to-do list.

      The ability to quickly navigate between notifications in window is kind of a feature. I focused on that in the copy because I thought it might have greater pull.

      My question for you guys though: wouldn't it save a lot of time for you if you could go to one place and see what you've missed? Rather than opening WhatsApp, github, JIRA, messenger etc?

      Once again, I really appreciate your feedback! It's all part of making the best product I can :)

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    I'd love any feedback I can get on:

    • the idea
    • copy
    • design

    And I luv your thoughts, tips and advice.

    🙏🏼 thank you!

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      P.S hope the title wasn't too clickbaity for ya.

      But somebody (who knows what they've talking about) actually said that to me

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