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The era of Marketers and Influencers

Just half of the American people were using the Internet in 2000. (compared with 84 percent today). It was still fascinating to have a blog (not everyone did it yet), and those who had the talent to generate compelling material could follow.

Bloggers originally shared things simply because they enjoyed it, but it wasn't long before the firms saw a chance. The introduction of social media, especially Instagram, changed marketing and created an unparalleled platform for breadth and accessibility in 2010. Instagram influencers from early adoption were able to generate enormous loyal results.

But becoming an influencer has its own challenges and rewards

1. You have to be at the right place at the right time.

Today becoming an Instagram influencer is hard. 7 years ago, it had very little competition.

2. One platform supports another.

When TikTok came, Instagram and youtube influencers had an advantage. They could redirect their followers to other platforms.

3. Influencers have the upper hand in negotiation.

Lots of deals happen that are a combination of cash + equity. You will see a lot of them in the upcoming years.

4. It's also started getting saturated, but there is a lot of room.

People are spending an enormous time online. If you think becoming a fashion and lifestyle influencer is difficult, you might see that Organic and herbal food influencers in the future.

5. Perks of an Influencer

  • Flexibility - You are not limited by full-time work or a particular location when you become an influencer. Flexibility is also the subject to investigate whether you are traveling, mode, or even attractiveness. You determine how much you work and how much you work.

  • Engaging Community - When you become an influencer, you create a community of like-minded people. All of your followers usually have a common interest in the niche in which you create content. You not only create this community but even engage with it regularly.

You can uplift your brand with a bit of patience and consistency. Be a micro observer and gain people’s attention.

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