The four things IHers need most according to @csallen

In recent IH podcast episodes Courtland has listed off the main things that people on this site need according to his research. I found the list really fascinating. It's so interesting to hear what challenges other Indie Hackers are facing.

Here are the problems we collectively face:

  1. No confidence to get started
  2. No time or money to get started
  3. Not knowing what idea to work on
  4. Not knowing how to grow

Apart from Indie Hackers itself, is anybody building products that specifically address these needs?

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    Honestly, the IndieHackers community is a pretty good solution for these 4 needs, you need to connect with other makers and join a community of people all doing the same difficult thing... that's how you learn and build confidence.

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      Agreed. Almost every day there is a success story of someone who has done it. If that doesn't give you the confidence to do it idk what will!

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    I actually try to address exactly these problems in my newsletter where I profile successful Indie Hackers every week.

    • I know sites like marketingexamples and swipefiles are solving the growth problem.

    • Opportunities.so and trends.vc are solving the ideas problem.

    • And I think Starterstory and Microacquire's new website bootstrappers.com is trying to solve the confidence problem.

    Unfortunately not sure anyone can solve the time or money problem, some microcredit startup maybe.

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    I’d add:

    • Community – getting to know people that do the same thing.

    My biggest encouragement to fellow IHs: jump onto Zoom calls with people you meet here. Stay in contact afterwards, talk about your wins and your struggles, support and help each other.

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    Didn't get the chance to listen to the podcast, so thanks for recapping, @chr15m!

    I guess at some point in time most people deal with some of these problems (or all of them). I'm currently mostly struggling with time allocation for BotMeNot and perhaps when it comes to ideas, I'm not sure which ones to pick to work on (in terms of BMN's functionality).

    However, It's very important to try to overcome these problems and come out with some lessons for yourself (and perhaps for others).

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