The future of no-code? FlutterFlow and Draftbit (my first Youtube video)


We have seen an explosion in no-code and for good reasons! Now everyone can build applications without knowing how to code. This is just awesome.
However, what can happen after a while is that you want to build more complex features but are unable to do so because of your chosen no-code tool. You either try to find another no-code tool or choose to build your product in custom code. This is a big issue with most no-code builders as they manage to lock you in. In my first ever Youtube video (yes I know I look awkward), I discuss two interesting no-code mobile app builders, FlutterFlow and Draftbit that allows you to utilise the visual builder, add custom code and the ability to export your codebase to wherever you want.

I hope you like it, I plan to start making regular videos on topics such as no-code and building products. My background is mainly in product management, where I previously was the Head of Product for a leading Venture Builder in Europe. Now I split my time between indie-stuff and running an environmental product agency.

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