Remote Workers June 12, 2020

The future of video conferencing: niche verticals

Lucas Negritto @lnegritto
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    Nice article @lnegritto here i would add Mirrorfly[] in the list .MirrorFly provides feature-rich SDKs and APIs that incorporate highly flexible video chat features into existing apps, whatever they may be. It supports UI, add-ons, key functionalities, and hosting customizations. MirrorFly's SDKs allow you to evaluate, customize, and handle real-time video conferencing.

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    Founders - zoom is not a one size fits all. There is a lot of opportunity to focus on a niche that is unsolved by zoom and other video conferencing apps.

    If you are working on a business within one of these markets, make sure you have studied your competitors. Talking to your customers now is a great time to find gaps within these markets!