The GPT-3 game: Comment your landing page's URL and I'll send you AI-crafted text suggestions you can use!


I'm the co-founder of ABtesting.ai, where we use GPT-3 to give AI-text suggestions for users to test and optimize conversions with.

I thought it could be fun if you comment the URL of your landing page and I'll hit you back with what our AI-driven tool suggests to test :)

Let the game begin!

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      • Learn from the best
      • Find a startup pitch deck to inspire your own
      • An open library of pitch decks


      • The best fundraising decks from the best startups.
      • Whether you want to learn how to pitch, find new investors, raise capital, or discover the latest trends in capital raising, Decks is your one-stop shop for everything you need.
      • Deck is a community of entrepreneurs who want to learn from the best. (this one doesn't make that much sense lol)

      Pretty fun! There are some ideas that, with a little twist, could really work!

      Love your landing page btw. Social proof can work like a charm for you. Do you have any success story of a Startup that got some funding thanks to one of your pitch decks?

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