The Idea Of Making $1 Off Gumroad?

Hi, my name is Uğur, I'm looking for an idea that will save me $ 1. Only $ 1, not huge amounts of money. I know PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, Youtube subscribers count 3700.

What do you think I can sell for $1?

Last I did this (:

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    Cheatsheets or code snippets.

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    How many of these have sold so far?

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    I grasped the logic. Thank you to everyone.

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    Not sure if that's a good idea. If you're on a free account you get charged 8.5%.

    Instead of asking us, go listen to your customers. Congrats on the 3700 subscribers btw. What do your subscribers need?

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    Photoshop brushes, social media templates, icon packs, html/css templates, youtube shoutouts, newsletters...

    It's not about the price tho, think about distribution. Who's going to buy it, how do they know you're selling it, what are the ways to reach out to them.

    You can sell virtual online spaces on a page that got no visits. https://highscore.money/
    If you build an online presence first. Otherwise good luck.

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