The Journey Starts

I'm currently testing some of my ideas. I've set myself a deadline of 48 to 72 hours to test each idea. I feel like the shorter the deadline I set for myself the better the results. I won't think too much about what I'm doing.

I know that I can't test each and every idea in 72 hours but it's a great indicator. I started last week testing one idea and realized very fast into this 48-hour test that it's not really something I should do.

I wanted to create a course and teaching Influencer Marketing, since I've organized multiple campaigns for businesses, as a freelancer, and generating up to 6-figures for those businesses (ROI of 7+).

But right into the experiment, I realized that the demand for Influencer Marketing Courses is not that big. I've posted in some Facebook groups and didn't really get any reaction to that. Maybe it's because I haven't promised any financial results, which I didn't want to do. Or maybe it's because there is a low interest around that.

So this week I'm testing one or two new ideas.

1 - Take one of the ideas that I have
2 - Create quick MVP
3 - Reach out to Target Group

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    Good Luck! I'm working on a project related to influencer marketing as well. Hit me up if you like to discuss it :)

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      Thanks so much! Yes sure, will do 😊

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      Thank you so much 😊

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    The start is the most exciting time. Good luck!

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      Thanks so much 🙏

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