The Latest SEO Growth Hack That Worked For Me! 📈

About two weeks back, I shared about how I am using my footer design to improve my SEO.

Well, the results are here!

When I went on google today and typed in the keyword "comment on live website", my product ruttl.com showed up on the 5th position.

More tricks are yet to get executed. I'll keep sharing my SEO progress with you guys every once in a while. In fact, if you are working on your SEO as well (or just find SEO interesting in general) you can check out this blog post that I found pretty useful. It's got over 300 quick hacks that you can use to boost your rankings!


Have a great day everyone!
Harsh 💯

  1. 3

    Where was it before it was on the 5th position?

    1. 1

      It wasn't even on the first page. The waitlist landing page was all the way back on 6th page.

  2. 1

    This is great, optimizing the real estate on a website! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. 1

    Funny, I was looking for that exact same search query last week :)

    1. 1

      Haha hope you tried out ruttl in that case then @Lem! :)

  4. 1

    Do you have some info on how many people is searching for the longtail keyword/phrase "comment on live website" and why they search for it?

    1. 1

      @Dotz mostly this keyword is search by design team members if you ask me. Not sure on the exact number of people search per month but it definitely gets per month searches.

  5. 1

    Are you getting any traffic from that keyword?

    1. 1

      Still analyzing the numbers @patienceindie! I'll make sure to update my progress on that soon once I confirm it!

  6. 1

    Happy for you, but Google doesn’t rank websites higher because of their footer. There are probably other factors at play.

    1. 1

      Absolutely @andreboso! There are multiple things that are ranking up the website but turns out footer is one of the factors. This was actually a growth that I found quite recently after talking to an SEO expert!

  7. 1

    Thanks for posting. Just made a change on my own site!

    1. 1

      Hope it helps you @eckardt! Do let me know your results, eager to hear them!

  8. 1

    Very interesting! Will have to try that for Gabzzle💡

    1. 1

      Do go ahead and give it a go mate!

  9. 1

    I just tested and in DuckDuckGo you are the first.
    Congratulations! :)
    Unfortunately, I can't attach screenshots here to the comment.

    1. 1

      Haha thank you so much for informing me @MrP3t3r! I've be trying out DuckDuckGo myself as well!

  10. 1

    Thanks! The article seems to be written in 2015, is it up to date?

    1. 1

      @BenjaminPoisson A lot of tricks still will work surely. This was the one resource that I personally found useful. If you come across a recent version of it, do share it with everyone!

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