The making of Bloggi: From idea to launch to first paid customers

Bloggi turns three months today and I just published a post the whole story of how it came to be, from idea to launch to where it's at today: https://blog.bloggi.co/the-making-of-bloggi.

Here's a summary in numbers.

Idea to launch:
⏰ 140 hours of work over two months

Launch day:
📧 Sent an email to 110 pre-launch subscribers
😸 But biggest response came from ProductHunt
📈 Had 700+ visits...
🙂 and 70+ signups

Launch week:
📈 1500+ visits
🙂 220+ signups
🎉 First paid customer three days after launch
😎 Finished the week with 3 paying customers

📈 3600+ visits
🙂 660+ signups
😎 17 paying customers
💵 $493 ARR
⏰ 330+ hours worked
👨‍💻 217 commits

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    Amazing. Really like this a lot. So simple and intuitive. The minimal design is great, very much to my liking. I created a blog to try it out: https://atom.bloggi.co/

    I liked it so much I wrote a a post about it n DEV:


    I think this could take off, everything just works, no fuss. Really hope it suceeds, I'll keep using it and if I can think of any feedback that I think might be useful I'll let you know.

    What made you want to make it, and what tech did you use?

    Congratulations Hernán.



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      Awesome, thank you! I appreciate that.

      Just check the link in the post for all the details :)

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    Those are great numbers, congrats! The site looks super straightforward and minimalistic.

    One constructive criticism: the blog post feels overly verbose. With some thoughtful editing, I think you would be able to convey the same ideas in two-thirds, or even half, the amount of words. However, this only matters if your plan is to use the blog for content marketing vs a public personal diary.

    Effective writing is something I'm trying to work on, so I'm more conscious of it. Let me know what you think :)

    1. 1


      Hm being verbose was definitely not my goal, could you give me an example? I did kind of rush it out to meet the three-month mark though.

      However, I did mean to go into the details of how I built, as some form of case study (I originally planned to publish it on my personal website, and I’ll probably move it there later).

      Me too, thank you for the feedback!

      1. 1

        Well I just did some editing and managed to trim 500+ words from it :)

        1. 1

          I don't know if it's just because you said you did some editing, but it feels easier to read now :P

          One thing I spotted was "It started as a small idea, sometime in May, while I was planning to start my personal blog." There's a lot of mentions to dates in the blog, but it's hard to understand the time frame without a visual timeline. In other words, if you had removed all references to the months, I think your blog would've retained its core message of "I created a blogging platform, here's what I did and here are my thoughts", while being more concise.

          Another one was "Around this time (or maybe before, I might have been too excited)" the bracketed statement adds flavor, but no extra useful information, so it could be omitted.

          1. 1

            Glad to hear that!

            I see, that's good feedback, I'll take another look, thank you!

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      This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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    Well put together post, interesting, captivating, and inspiring especially with a link to the story. Everyone should take note here.

    Nice idea, good luck man!

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