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The Mental Impact of restructuring your language 🧠

Have you ever noticed the effect your internal speech has on you? For example, yesterday when I was stuck in a traffic jam, I told myself, “Ahh here goes. This is going to be a disastrous day.”

And so it was. Later at night, when I thought about it, sure, a lot of bad things did happen. Like waiting for an hour in the traffic, an important call getting delayed, work mishaps, and whatnot. But a lot of good things did happen too. I connected with a school friend, my coffee was just perfect, and when I reached home, there was my favorite food on the table.

But just that one negative sentence made me pay more attention to the bad things. Similarly, there’s one language restructuring that you can do that will change life for the better.

Instead of saying - I “should/have to” go to the gym today
Replace it with - I “get to” go to the gym today

What does this simple shift do?

It turns that demotivation into enthusiasm and gratitude. Instead of doing it as a responsibility, you turn it into something that excites you.

Can you think of any such restructuring?

Siddhita ❤️

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