The Minimalist Entrepreneur is out now!

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    Congrats on the release Sahil! Can’t wait to dive in.

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    Congrats Sahil :)

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    Hey Sahil, congrats on the release! I look forward to reading this.

    Also, I have a question for you on your ebook pricing on Amazon.

    I believe Amazon's royalty is 70% between $2.99 and $9.99 and 35% otherwise. They obviously have an agenda to lower the price of ebooks.

    So why did you choose $15.99? Because you would probably sell more copies, reach more people and also make more money at $9.99.


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      1. Didn’t do this for the money, but the impact.
      2. Penguin’s decision.
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        Thanks for the reply!

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    Congrats Sahil! Any reason why use Amazon instead of Gumroad?

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      I would assume Amazon has much greater reach.

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      Same question here 😁

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        Sorry if that offended you, it’s just a genuine curiosity.

        And no, I don’t ask this to other authors. It’s interesting to me, and perhaps to others too, of your decision on this.

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          Not sure why you thought I was offended. Genuine answer! Thanks for asking.

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    Pre-ordered mine a week ago! Can't wait 🚀

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    Awesome. Congrats on the launch. This is clearly going to be a success! 🚀

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    Hey Sahil,

    Congrats on completing your book. Like many others I'm not a supporter of Amazon, so just as a suggestion maybe you should also list your book on Perlego and Scribd - That way you'd get more reach too.

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      It’s on quite a few non-Amazon places. See here: minimalistentrepreneur.com/book

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        Ahh good to know - Thank you.

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        For those who are not from the US and need a digital copy, the only way is to buy on Amazon because the publisher restricted selling the digital book to the US billing addresses only. I've tested all sources listed on the site.

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        looks like "Barnes & Noble" case has broken link

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    I got the Kindle edition which I realize now will be tough to autograph.

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