The most conscious Startups you know?

So many founders & makers are trying to create more humane and equitable businesses.

By that I mean businesses that not only exist to make money but also to take part in creating a more fair and equitable society.

Those companies tend to not only think about themselves. They think about their customers, society and their employees in different ways

Some common things we see on those orgs are:

  • Profit-sharing with employees
  • More focus on purpose and values than profit
  • Decentralised decision making
  • Radical transparency (financial, traffic etc)
  • Less hierarchical
  • They are employee first organisations
  • They donate to causes they care about
  • They make decisions based on principles, not profits only
  • Take diversity and inclusion seriously

What Startups do you see leading the way in this area?

Startup Name:
What are they doing?
Your Twitter handle:

Drop your Startup or tag founders/startups doing well in this area.

I’ll compile a list and share on Twitter. If you want to be tagged on Twiter put your Twitter handle on your response.

Thank you all.

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