The Most Effective Quora Marketing Strategy!

Welcome everyone in this group.

To start off, let me share some Actionable Quora Marketing Strategy that works!

1.Improve Your BIO

If you want to market yourselves, you need to optimize your bio.

Let’s say you have a product/service that you want to market.

How would people know what you are doing?

So, talk about what you do in your bio.

For Eg:- One of my Friend “Jay Tan” has a Twitter Automation Platform Named “Zlappo”.

He tactically uses his BIO to increase more visibility.


See when he uploads the Image, how it pops up in the Quora Bio.

Immediately someone visiting my bio would get curious about it & click on the website to learn more.

That’s how you can increase your website clicks for your product/service.

You got to do something like this. Use any Image related to your product/service or may a statistic that will hook the reader.

Got the point right?

The goal is to make your reader curious.

2. Improve Branded Searches From Quora

What you can do is, if you are a Brand named “XYZ”, then you can add like this,

Just Search “XYZ” on Google to Learn More. Go do it Now & See

This is a Real Game Changer.


Because it is increasing your branded searches & getting you free clicks from Google because your website ranks No 1 for the term “XYZ”.

See how 1 line changes everything?

Another Pro Tip:-

  1. You can even use this inside your answers.

  2. This way you are not only directing your users to search for your product but also Increasing Brand Searches & the overall Brand Authority.

  3. Guess what, this also doesn’t hurt the Quora Algorithm. Because you are not putting any link that is redirecting outside 🙂

Now I have been getting many branded searches for the term “Quorific”. Although it’s not much, heck it’s a start for me.

Look at the CTR – a whopping 44.2% 👇


Now Ready for 3rd Game-Changing Move?

3. Use your Top-Performing Answer Inside your BIO.

Now, many people so easily neglect this. Someone who visits your bio is interested in learning more from you.

So Make a Loop & Try to use that loop to play around.

Take at least 4–5 Top Performing Answer of Yours.

Copy the link & Just paste it inside your bio.

Make it bold. Add Spaces so that it looks good.

That way you are interlinking your answers & driving more traffic to your answers.

4. The Pinned Answer ( The Most Overlooked)

This has to be one of the easiest hacks to get more Traffic & Brand Awareness.

Write one beautiful, visually appealing & high-value answer from your niche.

Use everything you have in your artillery. Give it the best shot.

Take that answer & Pin at your Quora Bio. This way whenever it comes into your bio will see your pinned answer & check it out. This will drive even more traffic.

Small Pro Tip:- Use Some Eye-Catchy Image to Pop out of the Feed.

5. Utilization of Quora Spaces.

Quora Spaces has been around for a while now. It's one of the mini versions of Facebook Groups but a more refined version.

Just go search for your keyword in Quora. Filter by Spaces & Join them.

Now, whenever you write the answer, make sure you share your answer into the Spaces.

This will drive the initial engagement required for Quora Answer to kick in.

I personally use this strategy to get that engagement going.

Provide Insane Value that people should think of visiting your bio & ultimately your website.

That’s the Essence of Marketing. Giving people the solution to their problem.

Remember, one thing, Marketing is not talking about yourselves, it is solving your customer’s pain points.

That is all you want to do. The money will come to you no matter what as far as you solve people’s problems :)

Now coming to the Last Hack - A Simple Hack

6. Be Consistent

You got to be consistent. Consistency can do magic. Try to write 1 answer each day.

But again, think of how you can provide value to my audience. That’s the only way you can win on Quora.

Even if you don’t write 1 answer daily, that’s fine. Write 1 answer every 3 days.

This will take you a long way ahead of your competitors. Writing Answers on Quora is a long term process.

Your answer will get views as long it is valuable & people like it.

I still get leads & sales for the answer I wrote 1 year back.

That consistency alone rewarded me. Quora sent my answers to more than 19.1 Million People Sending me a flow of Quality Traffic & Sales.

Quora digest

That is the Power of Quora Marketing.

Small Plug:- If you want to learn more about Quora Marketing, then check my guide here.

Thank you for reading :)

  1. 3

    I simply love value-packed posts like these. In my experience, authors of value-laden posts like these, provide actual exponential value in their paid products as well.
    I have been thinking about leveraging Quora for promoting my content. I guess I have no more excuses. Talk to you soon.


  2. 2

    Great playbook Tejas. I recently joined the long journey of writing in quora and have to be honest that the topics I write about are a little bit random still.
    My business is related to B2B lead origination for outsourcing CFO services for startups and SMBs so usually I write about finance and business - but for some reason today I felt SO inspired to write about Rihanna and the creators economy that I just couldn't help my self!
    Any views or tips on the actual content that you should write about - if there's any specific topic that you should be focused, or can you deviate a little bit on topics?

    1. 1

      Ideally you should be writing answers within your niche. You can deviate a little bit on topics but then try to relate it to your original one at the end.

      1. 2

        Great, thanks for the insights! I'm creating a framework for each specific platform/social media to organize cadence and format of content creation. I was going through your posts on quora and you have a great deal of extremely useful information and guides out there. Thanks for making that available!

  3. 2

    Still worth it? Quora seems to be going down the drain.. I already have a small audience (650+ followers, who knows how many still have active accounts)... but I cannot stand the idea of building a presence or following on someone else's domain only to have them remove or censor my content. Seems like a big risk.

    1. 2

      See I am of the proponent of omnichannel marketing.

      I see Quora as the only another channel in driving traffic.

      Moreover, you should not focus on followers but focus more on quality answers and how many people are following those questions.

      If you have got my guide, I have written everything there. Not promoting per se, just wanted to share that thought.

      Ideally the more following the question has and less answers, you have a good chance of ranking and getting all the views.

      I have written everything here

  4. 2


    I tried marketing on Quora by answering questions and very unobtrusively slipping in a link to a landing page. My answer however was immediately deleted. I am not quite sure what I did wrong as I was providing value with my answer.

    How can I prevent this from happening again?

    1. 2


      Actually there are some things that you need to consider while writing.

      1. Write around 500+ words in every answer.
      2. Write 1-2 answers daily ( not go beyond this)
      3. Only link back after providing value.
      4. If you are writing content that is not yours, then cite the source accordingly.
      5. Interlink your answers in between.
      6. Link your important sites such as sign up page, etc in your BIO.
  5. 2

    Thanks for the mention of Zlappo, Tejas.

    Tejas is the only reason I even started working on my Quora presence and marketing.

    I never thought much about Quora, until I realized it's a gold mine with tons of leads who are far down the funnel (high search/purchase intent).

    Since then, I've received a steady stream of traffic and even converted quite a few paying customers from Quora from answers written months ago.

    Tejas also emphasized the importance of repurposing marketing and sharing your best content across several mediums.

    PS I've bought Tejas' book "Quorific," a 111-page behemoth ebook pack with valuable strategies and tactics and insights that only someone who has been successful on Quora can share.

    It's the only ebook I've purchased this year, by the way, if that counts for anything, and it was worth every pip and penny.

    1. 2

      Thank you so much Jay for the appreciation. Means a lot!

  6. 2

    Thank you so much! Learned a lot.

    I tried to end my posts with a link but banned for 14 days. Others are doing it without getting banned. How can I prevent that?

    1. 2

      Hi, it depends on how often you are linking. If you are banned, try requesting to quora.com/help & they will reinstate your account.

      Regarding linking, you should try not to do it more often. Mix your strategy. Link your answers instead & try to get internal traffic to your Quora answers.

      & Also follow this strategy that I explained in this post!

  7. 2

    What does your funnel look like as a result of those tips?

    1. 1

      Funnel will differ from person to person.

      Personally, this is my funnel. Answer views-> Website Traffic -> Getting more leads/sales

      Although, there are more funnel strategies you can use like the lead magnet approach, or the free webinar approach if you are a B2B Saas or a B2C Saas.

      Nurturing via Email is a good strategy thereafter :)

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