The Next Side Hustle Platform

I got featured in this youtube video today about 5 different side hustles.
But I think there's more in this video for Indiehackers than just my little story.

There are tons of opportunities here.

Look at how difficult it could be for someone to start and keep working at the side hustles that Noah suggests.

I personally found it hard to sell google sheets, even on Gumroad. So I made OnlySheets. And it's sell well.

Flip To Financial Freedom

Flipping has been a pretty interesting startup in the past few years.

  • Airbnb flipping empty space in your home
  • Craigslist to flip your junk.
  • FB Marketplace
  • Instagram accounts flip tons of products

Sell at Scale

Selling art and crafts at scale might be bigger than Etsy alone.
Look at different side hustles that might need the internet even if it's local. Or look to aggregate certain types of art/crafts that could benefit from being together.

  • Selling cookies
  • Selling niche art
  • Selling crafts

Small Digital Events

Indiehackers could do really well building niche event tools. I made a google sheet that essentially replicates the parts of a conference. As we get back together and conferences go back to in person, what digital parts can be saved and actually make the event bigger and better.

Get the Customers

I think the biggest idea in this video that Indiehackers could use is "go where the customers are".

Are you able to aggregate customers for a certain product? If so, you'll be rich. The riches are not in the Niches. But rather in the audience, the customers.

Control the means of consumption and you'll rule creators!

Make an Audit Platform

Here's a crazy idea, not from the video but from my own personal experience.

One small niche on gumroad that might get bigger: audits.

I've already gotten an SEO audit, and I sell newsletter audits on gumroad. Loom is making $98 a year from me in order to this. I've already made $100 selling audits end of last year. And I made another $1k selling audits as part of my newsletter google sheet template.

But I don't think Gumroad is suited for this type of digital service. Yes it's a product, a video. But it's a 1 on 1 video. More like Cameo than Gumroad. Yes I can set up a carrd and stripe account and just go 1 on 1. But I'd rather be on a platform that can help with discovery, like gumroad.com/discover.

And the fulfillment I handle in a google sheet. But could be a to-do type checklist and aggregation on a platform.

And an ingenious feature you can create if you focus on audits is to allow the end user (not the creator) to accept or deny the ability for other customers to see the audit. Perhaps for a discount or a free followup. This way the creator can show 10 to 20 previous audits to customers while they wait for their personal audit.

Maybe this is an option to get a discounted price from the start as a customer. I'd pay $49 for a $99 audit if I only had to agree that other customers could see the audit. Perhaps even cheaper, like $39 if I allow the audit to be put on youtube.

How do you get customers as an indiehacker? Find anyone with great skills on youtube. They already talk about their skills and you can pitch them to make $1,000 a month.

Help Make $1,000 a month

If you can help people online make $1,000 a month. You'll do really really well.

Can you imagine the LTV of a customer who from your platform makes $1k a month? You could charge $100 a month and feel good about it. You'd only need 834 customers to break $1,000,000 in ARR

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