The Notion API is here

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      this is so cool I can't wait to get my hands on it and mess around!

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        Hi @technowizard Thanks for your comment. Please do signup for beta and give us some feedback. Let us know if there are any particular features you want to see in the product.

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          I signed up! I'll be able to better understand what features I want once I am able to play with it a bit more

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      Forgive my ignorance but what's the point of that? Or what will people do with that?

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        Hi @karlso Sorry I'm adding more details to the landing page. If a developer is creating a new app and needs dynamic data from API endpoints, they would have to stand up a backend server and then create those endpoints themselves, which is time consuming. With notionDB, they can create tables using Notion and notionDB will create all the REST API endpoints which the front end app can call to get dynamic data in to the app.

        Let's say a dev is creating a mobile app and in one of the screens it shows a list of users. The mobile app would have to make a call to an API endpoint to get a list of users. To mock this up quickly, dev can create a Notion table called users, fill it up with some mock data and notionDB will create an endpoint <some_url>/users. And now mobile app can just call this endpoint and all the mock data is returned in json format.

        Hope that helps. I will be adding a demo video by next week.


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      oh that looks amazing! great idea

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        Hi @KaraviasD Thanks for your comment. Please do signup for beta and give us some feedback. Let us know if there are any particular features you want to see in the product.

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    Would anyone be interested in using Notion as a CMS for their SEO friendly blog?

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    What might you do with this? Still trying to figure out the value of Notion.

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      We did stuff with Notions API before it was officially public by figuring out how it worked:

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    Excited to play around with this once I have a bit more time. An immediate use case for me is sending form submissions from a marketing site to a Notion-powered CRM.

    Since they don't allow requests from the browser to the API directly, it'll be a little more work than just intercepting the form submission with a little inline JavaScript.

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    Can't wait for the first charts tool that isn't notion.vip

    Ideally importing metrics from Convertkit and Paddle to Notion so I can set up a company metrics dashboard.

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    ... and i gotta figure out a way to use it... hummm....

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    Notion users, what do you wish you could do with Notion that you currently can't?

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      Automatically create Notion entries from a discord channel

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        A Notion Discord bot would be at the top of my list at the moment.

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      This - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/notion-api-project-wishlist-a88a09635d (DB iCal/ICS subscription, followed by BIdirectional Google Calendar-Notion DB syncing)

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      Upload to a notion database from an excel/csv file.

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        I believe this is possible today using import.

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            hey but checking it again, it looks like it lets you import a new database but not appending to an existing database. Would you be interested in a tool that lets you upload a csv excel, format/filter and upload it to an existing database in Notion?

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              A tool with the ability to append and upsert would no doubt make notion databases more useful, but I don’t have a current need for this.

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