The positive ROI of adding a chat widget

I just installed (Crisp Chat)[https://crisp.chat/en/] and it has opened the door in so many ways within the first hour. I just got smacked in the face with the value of having a chat widget and don't know why I wasn't on it earlier. I could have increased sales most likely.

There is a certain point at which it becomes valuable. Just starting out there is no reason to add it. It doesn't become that valuable until you're getting around roughly 100 people to your site per day and trying to learn more about those visitors/offer premium support.

I just installed Crisp about an hour ago, and I have already been able to learn where some of the visitors are coming from and what issues they're facing.

I have an amazing customer I frequently talk to and get most product feedback/bugs from him. He just brought a bug to my attention today, then this user from the chat widget brought up the same bug within the past hour.

The feature that has an issue has been in production for over a month. So I assume many people encountered this and dropped off because of it, without me knowing.

I was also able to learn this person came from YouTube, which is crazy. I never would have thought YouTube would actually bring traffic.

Moral of the story if you're getting a little traction but are lacking transparency then install a chat widget. The thing that held me back was being scared to constantly be blown up, but forget that noise, just do it.

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    I've used a chat widget for years. I think the biggest value is for the potential client that doesn't want to get on the phone or email, but would like to know everything is above board, so to speak.

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    It's a great advice @storycreator. The interface of the website seems clean and straight-forward. Keep scaling the growth of the platform!

    I have been thinking about adding a chat widget to my product, ruttl.com as well. Can you have a look at it and let me know if you think it would be useful?

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      Ruttl looks cool. Let me know whenever you are ready to grow through affiliate

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        Sure thing, @launchbeast. Glad to know you liked it!

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      Site looks cool. I like the direction. Definitely need to target teams.

      Yes it’s a no brainer add a chat widget. I’d join an accelerator and try and get a discount as they can be pricey.

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it if you’re getting 50 or less visitors per day.

      I’d add it when you’re getting traffic and have no clue what’s happening with the user.

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        Appreciate the feedback. Yeah that is a good tip for sure, to focus on teams. I'll try to see and find a couple of accelerators for ruttl. Thanks!

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          This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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            Thanks a lot @clxytn. I'll definitely check that out!

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    Hey @storycreator, I loved the story creator website! It's a great product indeed!

    If you are interested, I would be happy to make detailed video feedback of me using the platform and share it with you!

    I have just started out as an independent product reviewer, so in return, all I ask is that if you like my review, could you write a 2-3 liner review on my Upwork profile?

    In that way, we both can help out each other! Let me know if that sounds interesting to you!

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      I’d be happy to. Always seeking feedback

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        Excited to hear that!
        I'll send you the video today.
        Just let me know an email address where I can forward you the link.
        We can take this discussion onto LinkedIn if you want.
        I have sent you a connection request as well

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          Cool will accept. You can email me [email protected]

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    I'm currently working on a Chat Widget SaaS. This is pleasing to hear. They are becoming more and more popular and I'm looking forward to being my own user. Are there any reasons in particular why you chose Crisp?

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      @mattnoted What stack are you use? Please check my library https://github.com/chatscope/chat-ui-kit-react maybe it will be usefull for you. Also i'm working on tool for building widget loaders (not only for chats). The loader is build in in public. In few days alpha version will be available for testing. Here is LP, i made it few hours ago :)


      Maybe it can be usefull for you, and i think its good opportunity for exchange of experiences.

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        I'm using Vue and Django. I haven't used React before.

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      The accelerator I’m in pioneer.app has a discount code and it seems like a strong competitor to intercom.

      I like the design better than drift. As I got to know the product more I really liked it.

      The help guides were good. I love the experience, I can see where users are on a map, view their session, and remote debug.

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        Nice! Thanks for the info.

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    Yep chat widget is usually one of the first things I will add on any new product. Incredibly undervalued I think. You want to be talking to your customers directly and get immediate feedback.

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      Yeah it’s a little thing but it has ROI

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    Interesting - thank you for the post. Not quite at 100, but hopefully getting there.

    How do you plan on managing the chat while you / someone is not on call?

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      That's part of the grind in the early days, doing the coding and customer support. If it gets really out of hand, then that is a good problem. Ideally at that point revenue is 10x and I can delegate.

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    your type animation effects are really nice! I was battling with imovie the other day to put a little explainer video together, maybe I should give your webapp a shot. iMovie still has harsh kerning bugs and bad design, years later.

    also yours is the first post I've seen here with a big image link, I think I'll do the same :D

    Playing games in Discord

    from https://ten.rik.ai where I'm going to add a better video.

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    I was thinking about hooking up one of these chat apps to discord or slack, where I actually have my product. So I had more of a CRM dashboard to interact with users. I wonder what has a good API for that use case.

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