The power of a Competitive Analysis from an SEO Perspective

First I refreshed my memory with the basics with the awesome "Blogging for Business" course by TIM Soulo, and then we've been working hard on this 15-min read blog post that explains the power of a Competitive Analysis from an SEO Perspective.

It's the first lead gen to explain the core value proposition of our project.

I hope you'll enjoy the read and that it provides value to your business.
And please share with me your feedback.

Time for me to eat my own dog food and start my Link Building campaign using SEO Buddy to try to rank this article in Page #1 for the keyword "competitive analysis"

Project Update:

So far we have 5 paid user and $233 MRR
And bleeding our bootstrapped cash :))

I hope to start to get some traction, but I'm not giving up on building what I believe could become an awesome product.

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