The Power of LinkedIn

Hey my dear people of Indie Hackers😁🤗😍, hope you're all doing well on this pandemic🤘.

So in this post i want to share to you about the power of LinkedIn and how use it grow your products. And I'll show you how i grew my user's for my app😁👍❤

Follow the steps:

  1. Launch your products on Indie Hackers and Product Hunt🔥.

  2. Open LinkedIn and create a new post describing about the problem you're solving with your product and linking to your product📈.

Example LinkedIn post:

  1. Share some posts that are related to your

  2. Comment and Interact with others on LinkedIn, on a lot of people's post. This helps people to see your profile ❤🤗

  3. Feature a link on your LinkedIn page😁🙌👇

linkedin com/in/sivasankaran-t-84557017b
By following these 5 simple steps you can get about 5-10k views per post on LinkedIn, fix a time and post daily on LinkedIn to get more users. 🔥💸💸

Let's say that you did this method for like a month for you product, this is how much reach you could positively have❤

📈 Example metrics for this Linkedin method:

📝1 post per day on LinkedIn with 5 relevant hashtags (don't overdo it) will get about 5k views. And lets say about 1% converted from that post you will get about
12 users.

💸1 post = 5k views = 1% coverted = 12 users.

So from the above method if you do this for a month you get about:
500 - 1200 aprox users per month🔥

So try this method out let me know if this works for you follow me on my social if you to get in touch. Links below 👇

@avidon on insta
@sivasankaranoffl everwhere else

Have a great day😁👍🤘

Love you bye❤

  1. 3

    Don't want to sound negative but : have you done it yourself ?

    From your linkedin activity feed, it doesn't seem like it : you published 2 posts in the last 2 days about zenfull and called it a day with 10 installs.

    Don't give false hope. If it was that easy to get 12 000 users, be sure everyone here would be doing it. That's not the case.

    Again I don't like taking down ideas but delusional posts like this are what makes some indiehackers feel depressed sometimes when they thought it would be easy and it's not.

    Do it yourself first, get 10k users for Zenfull and I'll be the first to applause.

    1. 1

      I accept your challenge my friend ❤.

      All i tried to do with this post was to encourage people to post about their own products on LinkedIn, because LinkedIn gives users more organic reach than any other platforms.

      Thanks for taking your time and .sharing your view on this post🙏👍

      Update got 40+ more users just because of your comment on this post thank you much❤

      Have a great day 😁❤

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