The SEO Strategy behind Zapier's 1.5 MILLION monthly organic traffic.

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    Very nice video. Starting to learn about SEO. Here in Brazil we have a huge blue ocean for this. Thank you

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      Thank you !! Let's go!!!!

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    Very informative video. Keep sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you @JaumeRos for sharing this timely and helpful advice regarding SEO.

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      Thanks for the support!

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    Great video as usual mate.

    I also have some tips to share about SEO but on YouTube 😏

    (Shameless plug 😳)

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      Will definitely check it out!! Thanks for sharing 🙏

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    Great overview @JaumeRos! Diving into the weeds a bit here, do you think Zapier creates those sub-category pages manually in their CMS for each integration? I'd imagine this would get unwieldy with thousands of integrations and connections between integrations. Or is there some sort of auto-population happening, where once they have an integration in the app they have a boilerplate page in their CMS?

    Do you have any suggestions for indie hackers that want to promote integrations or other "resources" from their applications on their marketing website?

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      Hey Reinard - great question.

      Hard to know what zapier is doing from the outside - but i'd like to think that they have some type of boilerplate where its easy for them to add in all relevant subintegrations.

      Not sure what you mean in terms of promoting integrations - could you clarify 🙏

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    Your content is always on point. Keep it up — I've been learning a lot!

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        Awesome. Can't wait to see it. Slowly but surely employing these strategies at Outdone!

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    Nice channel! Learned a few things!

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    Just realized I'm not sure if that's the right way of pronouncing Zapier - Praying it is 🙏 🙈🙅‍♂️

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      I swear that's how I've always said it too 😂😂

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