The Simplest of tools - Jumpstrt

Hey all,

I’m very new to anything other than Wordpress (hobbyist level) so decided to start easy with an online directory. Below is what it’s all about :)

A little story of why this list of various tools and resources for entrepreneurs, small businesses and side hustlers come to be.

It’s down to our very own Mothers and Wives really. They are non-technical when it comes to many things on the internet...but one thing they are is very creative.

They have a vision of selling their creations to other people but the stumbling block is always the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish this.

That's where Jumpstrt comes in...We hope the list provides simple solutions for non-technical people to start their business.

Our criteria is literally applied to ALL tools added to the Jumpstrt list. We want to keep things simple. If we are unsure on whether the tool fits the criteria then the laptop is placed in front of said mothers for a test run :)



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