TikTok December 14, 2020

The Starting Place is "Suck"

John Saddington @8bit
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    I made two videos to test the water this week. nothing about my product, just wanting to see how the editor works, what attracts viewers, experimenting.
    it's been fun! sry if the asmr is weird, but I'll probably keep it that way : )
    if anyone's interested, https://www.tiktok.com/@huatiktok

    1. 1

      awesome!! keep going!

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    I wrote the above post for the YouTube group and I wanted to share it here to encourage all of you to dive-in...

    ... we are ALL going to look super-stupid for a long time... that's okay! I think TikTok especially creates an atmosphere where that can happen! In fact, that seems like the default.


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