The story in 4 screenshots: How I reached 1,000 followers on Twitter as an indie hacker

1. Help others


2. Write a blog post


3. Reply to popular tweets


4. Share your learnings on Indie Hackers

I'm sharing my journey as a full-time indie hacker on Twitter:


  1. 4

    Last step was meta. I love it

    1. 1

      Thanks, Daniel :)

  2. 2

    Have you generated any revenue?

    1. 1

      Which product do you mean? My product Remote Hunt is doing some revenue: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/remote-hunt/revenue

  3. 1

    Nice work, how long did this take you?

    1. 2

      I was stuck at 700 for a while because I wasn't tweeting at all but got it up to almost 1K during the last month.

      So it's a slow process... I'm planning to post something new to Hacker News tomorrow, lets see how it goes!

      1. 1

        Makes sense, good luck!

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