The third day of me building a SaaS in two weeks

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    Wow awesome, how detailed you are building in public and documenting everything. Great, Iain! 🚀

    Update: Oh und grüße von nebenan, aus Potsdam. 👋

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    Goodluck! Message us if you want to get featured. We are an online digital magazine for SaaS. You can visit our website https://www.saasjournal.io/ or on Twitter saasjournal.

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    I'm starting to really get into the whole building in public and documenting what I did each day.

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      just out of curiosity why not stay with your personal Twitter? Been liking the updates there great!

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        People who follow me personally aren't interested in tech most are either interested in randomness or ice hockey. I figured it would be best to have a separate one that is clearly just about tech and indie hacking.

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