The time I almost shut down Sewellstephenscom

Hi and welcome. I'm Sewell Stephens. I've built several SaaS/Software products. Those including Rototer, and Twayobiz. If you don't already know I'm the founder of Sewellstephens.com. There was a time when I almost shut it down back in 2018. Man, it feels weird thinking back in the days when I was still fairly new to website design. But anyway, I started working on a website I no longer own called villionare.com. It looked really bad thinking back on it. But anyway I decided to put Sewellstephens.com on a website I found called Flippa. It's where people sell websites and parked domains. Basically, if you don't already know parked domains are basically preowned domains. Think of a parked domain as a used car, and a domain off of a site like Godaddy as a new car. Anyway, I put my website on Flippa for an extremely low buy it now price of $5 and accepted bids starting at about the same price. Most big sites sell on Flippa for at least a thousand dollars. Anyway, with that, I shut down my site for about a week which would be an extremely long time for a site like Amazon. That's actually an understatement but anyway I got a few really good offers. One for a bidding price of I think $82. Then after that week I decided not to sell Sewellstephens.com. I pretty quickly after going back to Sewellstephens.com abandoned Villionare.com. As of 2021 I still run and operate Sewellstephens.com but no longer own Villionare.com. I hope you enjoy.

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