The Ultimate Cloud Provider poll

Hey IndieHackers,

What's your ultimate choice for a efficient Cloud provider?

For me, I choose to have the authentication features from Google Firebase whereas AWS DynamoDB for database.

What's your thoughts on this, please comments and let me know what you think?

What is your choice for Cloud Provider for your project and why (specify in comments)?
  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  3. IBM Cloud
  4. Other (please specify in comment)
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    I've used several over the course of my career. My thoughts:

    • AWS: The standard, but definitely not the best. Has the widest feature set but the interface so clunky and difficult to use. On top of that, some of their managed products are pretty crappy (looking at you Elastic Beanstalk).

    • GCP: My favorite of the major providers. Has the best interface, very extensive feature set. Probably the only major downside is that they seem to have more downtime (at least anecdotally).

    • Heroku: The OG PaaS has a special place in my heart for being the absolute easiest to use for a decade. But can get VERY expensive. These days I prefer GCP Cloud Run or App Engine for those use cases.

    Others worth mentioning:

    • DigitalOcean: The little brother of the major US providers. I'm using them for my latest project and am very pleased so far. Good interface and stability, but limited feature set. They now have managed databases (Postgres, MySQL, Redis) and managed Kubernetes. Supposedly also working on a PaaS, excited to see what that is about.

    • Render: Basically a newer, better Heroku. Super easy to get deployed. Haven't used in production so can't speak for stability.

    • Cloudflare: yes Cloudflare has a compute offering! Cloudflare Workers are awesome and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a fast cheap FaaS option. I use them for any project that needs to be fast and near customers.

    • fly.io: edge distributed containers. Basically AWS Fargate but much better to work with because it's not AWS.

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      I've been very satisfied using DigitalOcean for my app.

    2. 2

      Thanks @parhelion for helping the community with your insights on different cloud platforms.

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      This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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        AWS Is not beginner friendly. You need to setup a lot of things and this lead to waste your time.
        Their only service I'm good at, is probably S3. easy to use.

      2. 2

        I don't think AWS is bad, just that some of its services are not easy to work with and its learning curve is more than GCP and other major providers.

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    Digital Ocean is fantastic. I've been using them for over 6 years with no complaints. That said, I certainly wouldn't complain if they built an SQS equivalent.

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    If you're in Europe I would recommend Hetzner for their VPS.
    Their prices are good aswell as the performance

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    Heroku - because if I have an infra-problem I can complain to them. If the app works it should just work! It is cheap and easy to manage.

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    I saw a lot of comments around cloud complexity here. We are building a cloud deployment platform tool that will help non cloud experts to deploy ready to use as well as customisable smart resources, app stacks, landing zones etc etc accordingly following cloud best practices abstracting the user to handle the cloud architecting and DevOps hassle. All will be easily accessible to everyone and deployment handled by the tool right from the browser. Hit us up at [email protected] if interested, we will soon publish our MVP and will look for feedback.

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    clever-cloud.com They are the French Heroku, just much cheaper and simpler. Similar to what Render is trying to do, this is just more friendly to PHP environments

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    Used both AWS and GCP. I liked both, but their approches are widely different. AWS is more about doing everything by yourself. As an example, you have to load balance, replicate, backup, etc any database you want to use. On the opposite, GCP datastore is replicated and load-balanced out of the box. It's more developer friendly and does not require an army of ops to make it works.

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    AWS. I would have picked GCP but I have had customer service/billing issues with them. They always pop up inexplicably, I spend months talking with customer service, and then they end without reason. Both times it ended up costing more than my actual bill. Only once was it refunded.

    As far as I can tell, it stems from me trying out one of their services and then it never shutting off when I tell it to shut off. I was never able to get more information from customer service than that.

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    I'd check all those boxes for Yomi.ai.

    Started with just IBM Cloud. After the initial validation, I moved away from IBM Cloud, because I only used Cloudant which was only suitable for the MVP.
    Then in the next phase I hosted my REST API and PostgreSQL db on Heroku.
    Moved Postgres to GCP next, because Heroku does not scale as nice for Postgres - especially compared to Cloud SQL on Google Cloud Platform. And I reached that point where my hobby instance wasn't good enough anymore.
    I also use AWS S3 for hosting audio files. That's about it.

    Oh, and in other: Cloudinary for some image hosting, RedisLabs for Redis.

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    Digital Ocean for most things, Render for some others.

    If I were to reboot my last startup, which was intense and very bandwidth-hungry, I'd absolutely go with a cost-efficient solution like LowEndBox, Afterburst or OVH.

    1. 2

      I second this. Not extremely feature rich but extremely cheap and cost-efficient for small side projects (and to have a learning playground for Linux servers setup)

    2. 1

      What are the Pros of Scaleway over AWS or GCP ? Would love to know more about it.

      1. 2

        French cloud provider. Better laws privacy, not China, not United States. The cloud act isn't effective. Cheaper than AWS and GCP. Server's bandwidth isn't factured when AWS bandwidth is expensive.
        More friendly because is less sized than AWS.
        Disadvantage : less region (Paris, Amsterdam, and poland in the future). Less services.

        Scaleway is under development, lambda will come soon

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    AWS fan. Probably more expensive than all the other options here but it is has fairly big community/users plus elasticbeanstalk makes it easy to deploy applications quickly

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