April 21, 2019

#The100DayProject Day 20 Standup

Chris @blunicorn

20% of the way through #The100DayProject ! It feels longer, but also reassuring that there is still loads of time left to achieve things (not that I have to stop at 100 days 🤓).


  • I shared my possible funding model with 3 different people. It was well received so far, which is reassuring, and also there were some interesting lines of questioning that will help me resolve it further. I'll share it on IH at some point for feedback too :)
  • I determined 3 key things I'd like to have achieved in the coming week! I'm finding this quite a useful practice actually, it's not normally the way I work but cause I'm doing things each day I find I can be fairly unproductive if I don't have quite precise things lined up to achieve (even if they're not that big).
  • I replied to a couple of emails.

That's it for today!


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