April 27, 2019

#The100DayProject, Day 26.

Day 26 of starting a non-profit during #The100DayProject also coincided with a national holiday where I live, so I was pretty busy doing family stuff! So, today I did the following:

  • I Failed to schedule an appointment with the bank 😕...I wanted to get one lined up in advance to save time between when the foundation is finalised and when I can set up the banking. Sadly none of the banks take appointments without the business registration having been completed (not a huge surprise really). I would have thought they would as I will have finalised it before I met with them, but oh well.
  • I spent some time on defining the MVP a little further for myself, it's been quite easy recently to let my mind go off on tangents thinking of all the endless possibilities for fundraising whilst I'm waiting for the slow process of registering the foundation to run it's course. It was helpful to remind myself to keep things simple.

So, one fail, and some useful time resetting my expectations 🤷🏻‍♂️