There is no such thing as failure!

I never consider anything I do as failure! Sure, I have a very long list of projects that never worked out the way I intended them to:

  • poolPi: Initially for my parents to control their pool, but I thought I cold sell it through the manufacturer. Didn't work out.
  • supportBox: Thought, this would be a great idea for remote support of devices with web interfaces. Noone cared.
  • Marketing open3A as separate applications. Haha
  • fheME: Web-Based home-automation interface. I even offer it for free. Nope.
  • open3A on a CD: Sold exactly one copy!
  • open3A built-in messenger: No real traction there
  • adless: Browser-Addon that would fix the ad-problem on the web.
  • synpic: Project with a few other people, didn't work out.
    I've probably forgotten most of them…

But why should I consider them a failure?

  • poolPi: Taught me, how to make a casing with my 3D printer.
  • supportBox: Re-using it for open3ABox. I don't know yet if it will work out though.
  • Marketing open3A as separate applications: Learned, that I can't pull it off and eventually merged everything under the name open3A. The result is so much better!
  • fheME: I still use it myself and build new stuff for it. Brings me joy every time I use it and even more so when I see the crappiness of other home automation interfaces 😂
  • open3A on CD: Taught me, how to build a physical product which knowledge I'm using for open3ABox now. And that it is hard to sell something on Amazon that noone knows.
  • open3A built-in messenger: I use it internally and taught me a lot about real-time messaging.
  • adless: Great idea, but there are forces bigger than me (browser vendors) that can remove required functionality anytime. Taught me to stay away from big companies and do my own thing. Big companies don't care about me. This is just the way things are.
  • synpic: Tried to work in a group but it fell apart. That is just how people are. I built a great product though and re-used parts of it later on.

I stopped considering anything as a failure just because it does not work out the way I initially planned!

There is more to life than earning money. I never know which of the lessons I need later on! 🌟

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