Things That Didn’t Kill My App

The other day I saw a post by someone stressing out about their Product Hunt launch, which inspired me to write about all the things I’ve stressed out about and how little they ended up mattering for my business: https://jake.nyc/words/things-that-didnt-kill-my-app/

Who else has stories about setbacks their business got through?

Edit: looks like the cosmos couldn't resist a shot at irony. After posting this, I realized I'd deployed a bug that broke part of my onboarding flow. Oh well, onward and upward! 🤪

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    Great post, loved the mindset!

    ~ "Take the long view. Deal with the issue in front of you, and move forward. And keep doing it, over and over again". 🙌

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      This was my favourite part too.

      Also this:

      the most important factor in SongRender’s success has been my consistent, incremental effort to grow it.

      You can’t control what comes out (number of signups, traffic, revenue) but you can control what goes in.

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        Yeah! Inspirational post 😁

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    Ah, putting out fires.

    Par for the course for any fledgling founder.

    Love those... (once I resolve them lol).

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    Very true and I find surprising how little time it takes me to forget. One day I'm cursing the skies for my rotten luck, three days later I wonder what was the fuss all about. This too shall pass.

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    Thanks for posting this. It's quite reassuring to me. I am finishing building a backend service for my Android app and it's my first time working with backend technologies and I fear things will go wrong.

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      Oh, things will go wrong. But you'll overcome them, and six months later you'll barely even remember! 😄

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    This is reflective of my experience as well, thanks for writing about it.

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    Really nice post. Thanks for sharing! :)

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