Thinking of changing my pricing model...feedback wanted

StaticForms is a forms back-end as a service which I launched in late 2019 with 30-day free trial and monthly subscription beyond that.

In 2020 I moved it to a freemium model - 100 form submissions for free every month and paid subscriptions for higher submission limits. I believed that this aligned cost with value - a site getting more than 100 for submissions a month is definitely getting value.

The freemium modal has been reasonably successful in terms of attracting users but, so far, no paying customers.

I'm now thinking of moving to a credit-based model - buy a number of credits, each submission costs 1 credit and credits last until they've been used - no monthly commitment, no monthly limits and no time limits.

Interested in what everyone thinks? Is anyone else using a credit-based pricing model? Would you prefer a credit-based pricing model rather than a subscription-based pricing model for a service like this?

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    The freemium modal has been reasonably successful in terms of attracting users but, so far, no paying customers.

    I'm still figuring mine out so I cannot really speak authoritatively but, in my short experience, products like mine don't so well with free tiers unless you get millions of people engaging with it every month.

    A couple of people have suggested this: If users get utility from your product in the short term, they'll not convert to paying users.
    Also, if you have a product that users need a couple of times in a month, then you need a pricing strategy that matches their rhythm.

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      I think you're right - for almost every user, the free product is all they need. It's a fairly commodity service too, so hard to differentiate on features.

      I think I'll move to a credit-based approach with a small number of free credits then buy more as you need them. That way the customer can test the service out, get some value immediately, then pay to continue using but with no long-term commitment. When using free credits I'll include branding but give an option to turn that off when using paid-for credits.

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