This #1 Product Hunt software got me 15 new subscribers within a day

Last week, I tried Softr IO - a website builder where you can set up a simple landing page in just 5-10 mins.

I handpicked a common topic for practice - Newsletter landing page for one of my project

Design inspired by Morning Brew and some other well-known newsletter-driven websites

Softr IO comes with a bunch of simple building blocks where you can start and build in minutes. Highly recommended. More responsive features will be released according to the founders :)

From build to publish:

  • Spent 1 hour creating this page
  • Distributed on my personal Twitter and Facebook with a strong focus on being a Nocode landing page itself
  • I’ve included the founders and the company (softr) in my tweet hence it brought me some nice traffic as well

Lesson learn:

  • Less jargons: Explain directly what my newsletter do
  • Mention the expectation: In my case, it’s a bi-weekly content in your inbox
  • Social proof: Included the logos of companies and stories I’ve covered before

Take a look at my design here

Would love to hear your feedback. When was your last time reading information about virtual events?

  1. 5

    Thanks Felix for this — the reason I wanted to look at this thread was to see how you actually got those 15 new subscribers. Could you elaborate on that?

      1. 1

        Hey @theXspidy and @jochemg thanks for stopping by. I realized my post hasn’t fully transferred from draft work. Fixed just now. Thanks for your patience :)

  2. 2

    @felix12777 thanks for using https://softr.io
    Indeed more dynamic and responsive blocks coming soon as well as Airtable integration!

    1. 2

      Thanks @felix12777, glad to have you with us 🥰

  3. 1

    @felix12777 can you share:

    1. Which other newsletters landing page you considered while designing your landing page?
    2. did you consider any other nocode tools to build a landing page?
    1. 1

      @NoobieHacker hello

      1. I don’t usually create newsletters landing for real, but I would do it for practice purpose

      2. I’ve tried many landing page builders. In fact, I’ve a “try new tool” weekly routine. Just to name a few landing page builders I’ve tried: Carrd, Dorik, Softr, Webflow, Strikingly, Duda, Tilda, Weebly, Leadpages, MailChimp, MailerLite etc

      1. 1

        Thanks for sharing Felix. Do you have a preference of the tool you like?

        I am in the process of selecting a tool to create a landing page for my newsletter. I am trying to get as much information as possible from others.

        1. 1

          Welcome my friend!

          I usually pick a tool at random.

          Is there any newsletter landing page design that you want to follow?


          1. 1

            Not necessarily follow a specific landing page, but I want to keep it extremely simple and minimalistic. Very similar to your landing page.

            Why don't you pick one tool for me, and I will go ahead and use that :)

            Sorry for the repetitive questions. I am trying to avoid the pain of trying multiple tools to pick the one. Everytime, I have multiple no code options, I end up spending a lot of time on each without a real output.

            1. 2

              Hey @NoobieHacker - Happy to exchange opinions.

              I would suggest going for Carrd. $19/ year for 10 landing pages is unbeatable :)

              I'm also on https://twitter.com/felix12777

              1. 1

                Thanks Felix. You have been super helpful.

  4. 1

    Looking nice and clean.

    1. 1

      You're welcome @namwa - how should I improve ?

      1. 1

        I think it's already good.

  5. 1

    Nice landing page... 🥰

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