This 23 year old Nigerian IH want you to see this!

Been a member of IH 8 months now.

My believe and passion for online business and making money online grew 3 years ago, which have been trying different ways to make money online but most of this ways and strategy looks wrong to me due to past FAILURES whereby I lost my time, energy and investment into it, during this process FRIENDS and FAMILIES didn't give me attention neither they would help me due to the fact that

They had no BELIEVE in making money online.

I was in high school then which I find it Sooo difficult to make a living, this reflected in my academics and brings about poor performance,

I couldn't continue my education again after my first two years National Diploma,

after some weeks I met a guy who introduced me to freelancing
This made me go ahead to learn copywriting, and start afresh.....

Specialising in :
Email copywriting
Website copy
Sales copy
Social media copy and
Direct response copywriting.

So I decided to stick to freelancing which I know is the easiest and stepping stone to make money online and believe to make my daily bread.

All the same I have been finding it had to get a client for my service, I haven't make my First dollar ever since have started

could this be being a Nigerian?

I will be glad if my request is responded to and be happy to get a (JOB of any PAY /AMOUNT) to survive and meet my daily needs.

Email me [email protected]


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