This Lead Magnet Idea Helped Me To Get 350+ Email Subscribers

When it comes to lead magnets, I’ve tried almost everything from eBooks to templates.

But one form of lead magnet that always stands out is the ultimate list of free resources.

Over 35% of my total email subscribers (maybe including you) are from this idea, with an average conversion rate of 23%.

Here’s how you can steal the idea:

Step 1. Find what your audience wants

Just type [Your seed keyword] + resources + on Google without clicking the enter button.

Here’s an example:

Google autocomplete

Try this with different keywords relevant to your industry. Then prioritize them on search volume.

Step 2. Making the most extensive list

It’s time to make the most comprehensive list of free resources. Your goal should be to add relevant resources that will help your audience.

Step 3. Take an extra step

Accessing a list of 100+ resources on a blog post is not user-friendly.

So take the extra step and make their job easy.

Create a google sheet (or use alternatives) that users can copy or download.

And, this is going to be your winning lead magnet.

Here’s my example:

lead generation form

But you don’t want people to download the resource and forget your brand.

So make sure you add a small note about what users can expect when they sign up.

Also, send an immediate email that includes:

  • The resources
  • What users can expect from you.

Step 4. Promote

You don’t need to wait for the SEO traffic to grow your subscribers. Promote the list on social media, do cold outreach.

Don’t hesitate to promote the same resource list multiple times in a month.

Even after months of publishing the list, I am getting huge engagement when I republish the same content on social media.

That's all.

Here, you can access 130+ content marketing resources

  1. 1

    Nice tips, especially part #3 about adding a small text under the optin form that tells them they'll keep getting emails from you. This gives the right expectations to subscribers.

    1. 1

      Yes, at least users won't surprise when they receive the next newsletter issue.

  2. 1

    That's a pretty good idea to try for newsletter subscribers. Just curious to know the engagement you get from these subscribers. Sometimes they just join to get the lead magnet.

  3. 1

    That's a good idea to try for newsletter owners.

    1. 1

      Thanks, glad you liked it.

  4. 1

    Personally, I find subscribers that came from lead magnets like this to have a very low conversion and engagement rate.

    I personally grew my email subscribers list by over 500 subs in a week, just by giving out a free lead magnet .

    Here is the Reddit post with more than 200 upvotes on it.

    As these subscribers came just for the free gift, they tend not to be engaging (not opening further emails or unsubscribing).

    I've been scrubbing my list constantly to maintain a high open rates on my email list. I would rather go for quality then quantity when building my audience.

    Lead magenets are still a great way to promote your product/business. But you would want is to create a quality lead magnet instead of just putting together a few resources together.

    For example: you can check out this case study from my database on how this founder created an email course as a lead magnet to get 1000 email subscribers in a week.

    You can check out more case studies that you can replicate over at GrowthHunt.co

    Cheers & to many more sales !

    1. 1

      Just a heads up the link on reddit says page not found.

    2. 1

      Thanks for the case study also. Will look into this.

    3. 1

      Yes, it's highly possible that people will only join for the lead magnet that you're offering.

      That is why I follow step 3 that is to add a small note about what users can expect when they sign up (informing users about the newsletter).

    4. 1

      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  5. 1

    That's a great idea. Basically, keep going beyond what is expected in the industry.

    1. 1

      Thanks :) Yes, the goal was not only create a lead magnet but also to make users' job easier.

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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