This or this?

Hey all, I've 2 landings I wanted to get some opinions on. Which is better?

  1. https://share-a-cart.com/
  2. https://share-a-cart.com/?next=1

Happy to review yours in return

  1. 5

    No doubt, number two is better. Even though you still have a lot of text, it’s the best one

  2. 3

    I also prefer number two's layout and color scheme, but the content could use a container. Right now, on my screens (1440p and 1080p), everything looks quite odd and far apart.

  3. 2

    Number 2. Just a suggestion, if you would reduce the length of the text lines, it will read better.

  4. 2

    Number 2, it is popping out but you have to make your "how it works" section more appealing

    1. 1

      Thanks @vamsi7! I kept it clean on purpose, but I'd be happy to hear some suggestions? I have tried videos instead of the static images, but it just didnt add any more clarity.

  5. 2

    The color scheme and layout of number two definitely make it look more modern and overall better!

  6. 0

    Is this a problem many people need solved?

      1. 1

        Ok, unsure why I was downvoted. Are we not allowed to ask questions anymore?

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