This tweet led me to start a private community of $20k+ MRR SaaS founders, and there are now over 70 members

It all started 6 days ago with this tweet, asking if 5-10 other SaaS founders of $20k+ MRR companies wanted to be in a group DM on Twitter:

That tweet took off and I got a ton of requests asking to join the group DM.

I kept adding people, but once there were over 20 people in the group DM on Twitter, it got super messy and unorganized.

I figured it would be better suited to have an actual community for this, so I started a community on Circle called www.SaaSfriends.com

There are now over 70 members of $20k+ MRR SaaS companies in the community, with great participation and engagement so far.

If you're a SaaS founder doing over $20k in MRR, you can request to join via the link above (it's 100% free to join)

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    Love this. saw the tweet at the time!

    you gonna charge money (and keep it) or if you don't want to keep it — reinvest it in prizes / books / courses / most helpful community member etc...?

    I suggest this is cause you're going to have 100+ soon. And the bigger the community the more diluted it become (with non-committed members)

    Money signals commitment. Anyhow. nice one

    1. 3

      Thanks Harry!

      I don't have any plans on charging for membership. There are already a decent amount of paid communities for founders at this level, and I have never joined them because of the fact that I had to pay to join (and it seems other founders at this level also feel the same way, based on the interest in my tweet).

      Instead of charging a membership, the plan will probably be to find a sponsor that aligns well with the community.

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        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      Hey Harry, missing "Marketing Examples" tweets for last 2-3 months.

      Hope you are doing well. Take care.

      See you soon active on Twitter again.

      1. 1

        thank you. appreciate it. big big things coming soon. sorry for the hold up

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      This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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    Is there a way others can join as a viewer? If not, is it possible to make the list public at least? So that we know whom to follow on Twitter?

    1. 1

      Unfortunately not, as some members of the community are completely private with their revenue

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    What if you HAD a saas doing over 20k but it's no longer there and you are building something new?

    1. 1

      Feel free to fill out the request form with details :)

      1. 1

        The link takes me to a page that says I don't have access... there is no sign-up possibility presented.

        1. 1

          Hmmm, that is strange… Here’s the request form: https://forms.gle/ptLzZ6yTLQ7E5SKJ7

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    Nice idea, congrats.

    Money signals commitment.

    I tend to agree with that. Definitely harder to grow though (I can speak from experience!!)

  5. 1

    this is really cool. thx for sharing this, Davis

    1. 1

      Thanks Matt! It evolved organically very quickly

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