This week in SiteFast: beta ready!

SiteFast is a scratching my own itch type of product. While making my cool stuff list at https://staticmaker.com/, I ran into the repetitive task of building similar directory sites. These directory sites follow a similar structure: a filters section plus a table view to list out the data sets.

My initial thought was to create some type of tech template stack, so each time I need to make such a site, I can just copy the codebase. But this still requires some sort of development efforts. I would still need to set up a GitHub repository, database, server, and so on.

That was when the idea of SiteFast was born. SiteFast will connect to GoogleSheet and use the dataset in the sheet as the database, and you can publish it as a website.

The key difference between SiteFast and other similar products is SiteFast will take care of all the UI-related stuff, and your GoogleSheet will only need to care about the data, so it is clean and easier to manage.

It took me about 1 week to build and make the product ready for beta testing.

You can check out the site at https://sitefast.live/. What do you think of this idea? Any advice is appreciated.

Maker D.

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