May 21, 2019

Thoughts on building a custom admin panel for your app?


Do you need to easily view and edit your user properties?
Do you want to collect/search/filter based on your user properties?
Do you collect and display key figures & graph about valuable actions performed by users in your product over time?
Integrate subscription info like upgrades/downgrades actions?
Do you have this info always at hand - mobile and desktop?

These are things I'm struggling with since it seems not directly adding customer value if you're building these things, but somehow the value is in getting to know your customer better...

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    I would not spend time on that at the start. If you are the only one person on your project then you can just take a look at the database records. If your database engine is MongoDB then I'll recomend you to use MongoDB Compass[0] it is really good.

    I would only be worried about this issue if you have co-founders or employees (and they need to do actions on users accounts).