Thoughts on Harry's Marketing Examples Course Launch!?

Everything about @harrydry reminds me of Gary Vs:

‘Jab, jab, jab, jab - RIGHT HOOK!’ 👊🏻

  • Provide endless insane value
  • Expect nothing in return
  • Then finally offer something
  • Audience fall over themselves to repay you.

He finally announced a course today: https://marketingexamples.com/course

I personally can't wait to buy this!


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    Oh. Hey @CallumMcDonnell. I'm flattered that this comes across.

    For anyone reading who might want to do a similar thing: Listen to Wes Bos's and Adam Wathan's Indie Hackers podcasts. Linked both. They lay out the blueprint. And yep. It's pretty much as simple as Callum's bullet points (although I can't confirm step 4 yet)!

    Adam talks about “compressing the spring”. The more you do for free the more the spring compresses and then when you finally say “Hey. I'm working on...” well the spring bounces!

    Although that is risky of course... Because you have to be sure you're actually compressing a spring (and not a little bit of elastic)

    Final point: Teaching isn't about not about how much you know... it's about how good you are at communicating what you know.

    The hard part is packaging the information in a way that get's you noticed. If that's something you can do well... go for it.

    Final Final point. Less is more. Teachers get remembered for a few brilliant things not lots of okay things. 1/2 my email list comes from 10 articles.

    ^ Take anything I say with a pinch of salt as well. Haven't made a dime yet!

    And btw... appreciate you sharing this! Thank you.

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      I think you nailed the copy Harry. I really like the part where you talk about the course not being one of those where every bullet point has 10 mins of waffling.

      1. 2

        Cheers Chris! Appreciate it. Yes. I hate courses that do that so wanted to get that across.

        Best thing is having a few siblings who give brutal feedback! You can write loads and then cut it down to the things that resonate with them most!

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      This is a great point --> teaching is not about how much you know, but about how good you are at communicating what you know.

      I remember my Physics teacher in high school. He had insane knowledge. Problem is that he doesn't know how pass to that knowledge to his students -- which makes his class really boring. I remember always daydreaming.

      Best wishes on your course Harry. I have no doubt it'll do extremely well!

      1. 1

        Cheers Welly. Good to hear from you. Hope all's well at Birdsend.

        Yeha man... so many teachers like that. Shame really!

      1. 2

        Haha — Cheers John!

    3. 2

      Harry you legend!

      Well fingers crossed you can prove step 4 with a compressed spring not a weak elastic!!!

      I do find that crazy the stat of 1/2 the list came from 2 articles, amazing.

      Anyway, keep us posted with it and lots of good luck!!

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      Exciting times, Harry, hope the launch goes well :)

      And this made me smile: "Because you have to be sure you're actually compressing a spring (and not a little bit of elastic)" - great analogy. Something tells me you'll do just fine. Also - in the midst of the launch - remember to eat/leave the house/do hobbies/spend time with fam/mates/generally switch off from work (he says a week after launching his 1st paid course haha).

      ps. that course page looks incredible. You're going to smash it.

      1. 1

        Hey Jas! Always good to hear from you chief!

        Haha. I can imagine. Yeah... I got no idea how I'll find balance to be honest.

        How'd your own launch go? Mind linking.

        And appreciate your praise on the landing page. Took a while!

        1. 1

          At the moment, balance for me is trying to start/end my day intentionally (without screens), and making sure I leave the house for a lunchtime walk each day. Gyms (hopefully) opening next month will help me, and I hope the cafe opens soon after as I also have a nice little 'work from cafe, then head upstairs to the gym' routine going.

          I'm just about to put an update on my page re: the launch - I had 10 signups, and had my biggest 'indie' month, so I was pleased :) Here's the page: https://infclub.net/masterminds/

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    The website is absolutely beautiful. Everything Harry puts out has a certain love and polish applied to it. Love it.

  3. 2

    I agree, I am very excited for the course to be available!

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