Thoughts on my first logo revision?

Hi all,

I’m in the early stages of a new business venture and have attempted to design my own logo (I’m a developer by trade with little knowledge of design).

My startup is a Canadian based car wax brand.

Open to any suggestions or comments (positive or negative)

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    I'm impressed you've done this with no design background! What's cool about this logo is that you can easily create simplified versions of this for other purposes (e.g. Twitter profile, favicon). For example, you could just use the compass pointer as your favicon.

    One question - what were your thoughts around colour palette? Normally when I look at logos I see them against a white background so I was wondering if the red is on your packaging / website?

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      Thanks @georgiabaz! To be fair, I’ve always had an interest in design, I’ve just never had any sort of training. Everything I’ve picked up on the topic over the years have been through things I’ve seen and attempted to do myself here and there. Oh that’s a really neat idea! I’ve never thought of modifying the logo for different mediums. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

      So honestly I haven’t given the colour palette much thought. When I was designing the logo, I knew I wanted it to be a circular shape with that kind of vintage flare, but still keeping it clean and modern. I have yet to really pin down what palette my brand will be using, but as it is a Canadian based company I’ve leaned towards red; it’s the primary colour in the Canadian flag. If you have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them! After I nail down the look and feel / colour palette of the brand I’d like to get working on the website! As for packaging, I’ve yet to give that much thought, but again I’d like to try and establish a good vision for what the brand looks and feels like before I get to that point!

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        No problem! As soon as I read "car wax" and saw your logo I just assumed you'd have red circular tins with the logo as a sticker on the top. Personally, I think that could look cool. Then again I'm not Canadian or in the market for car wax so you probably want to test that out with some of your target customers!

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    I like it, its kind of retro, maybe consider replacing the pointer graphic in the center - that's not really a compass thing so much as a computer/app/icon/nav thing - way too modern - do a google image search on "compass" to find one that looks more like it came from a compass. If the red background is there to make it square and you're keeping it then bring the four sides of it in closer to the center image because if it's reduced in size the center will quickly lose definition. Maybe also try fonts that are almost as clear and block-like as you currently have but with just a bit more visual interest, a touch of retro mixed with clear and blocky if you can find something. Overall though I would go out the door with that font, it's doing the job.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve never been too attached to the arrow either, I’ll see what else can be done there. As for the red background, it’s not apart of the logo. I just through the logo on a red background just because. I was thinking red complements the logo nicely by adding a bit of colour. Yeah as for the font, it is a bit simple which I like, but I’ll experiment with some other ones to see. I really had to play with the character spacing to get things to line up nicely.

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