Landing Page Feedback January 19, 2021

ThreadMaker Landing Page Live 🧵

Onur Geneş @onurgenes

Hello everyone,

I am Onur. Creator of This is my first time trying a SaaS. I am an experienced mobile developer. But web development is new to me. I have built the website in 2 weeks and I will try to monetize it.

I am not sure about the landing page but I am open the suggestions.

Take a look!

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    Congrats on launching this.

    I've been using the default twitter + button for writing up multiple tweets in a thread, editing back and forth and then sending all tweets at once. It works pretty well.

    What I don't have and have been interested in getting is a way to schedule threads in advance.

    I like your pricing model: a micro-purchase for each thread, basically a dollar per thread. That's fresh. Directly associated with the value it provides, no anxiety regarding a recurring expense, no mental math to answer the question "will I use this in the future?".

    Best of luck.

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      Thank you so much. I have already added planning tweets with a date to my backlog. It will be there after adding payment to it.

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