Three types of apps based on screen time

Of course there are several other leading applications which can be fit into one of these 3 categories, but do you think there are other top level categories other than these?

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    It's an interesting look at categorizing apps like this. I would also consider in this conversation the ethics behind building apps that try to have healthy consumption as well, so we can improve engagement but not over do it. So allow people to consume content when they need a boost (ie unwind watching a movie on Netflix) but not over do it until it becomes detrimental to their health.

    I think games & social media apps are the biggest culprits of abusing our attention for their benefit & not the user's benefit. The focus should be on the benefit to the user, not just more engagement for more ad dollars.

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      Well said, I agree. But unfortunately businesses have been compartmentalizing ethics, I suspect even the well-being features in major smartphone operating systems are just for telemetry.

      Say if a new ethical, environment focused app gets published today it has to undergo the same 'Exploratory' to 'Addicted' or 'Committed' category if it has to survive the churn and sadly they don't; So should these apps compromise one ethic for another? That leads to philosophical conundrum!

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        Yeah, it will be interesting to see how things evolve in the mobile world over the next few years. I feel the same sometimes on the well-being features on our phones.

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