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Tiered volume based pricing?

I'm trying to determine pricing for a SaaS I'm working on. It involves sending surveys so I plan to base most/all of my pricing around that. I'm now considering using tiered volume based pricing, i.e. 100 surveys = $/9mo, 1000 surveys = $29/mo, 10000+ surveys = $69/mo (random numbers for now). This will save me from having to piece out a bunch of random features and check them all over (You have 3 teammates you can't add any more, you can only create one more Project, and you haven't unlocked super secret mode on this teir, etc.). I just count each survey and charge them the appropriate amount at the end of the month.

However, I don't think I see this option discussed very much. Is there something wrong with this method? Do users prefer standard tiers?

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    I have an app built around submitting exams (tests, quizzes, etc.). Facing the same conundrum around whether to plan pricing around features (break functionality into basic, premium, etc.) I decided to just create pricing based on number of submissions.
    All features included. This saves me the headache of building checks around different broad and micro features in the app, while I'm still in an early stage and trying to acquire users.
    If I do need to create tiers based on features in the future, I'd grandfather the early users with all access and offer new tiers to new users only.

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