Time Blocking: The Key Unlock To Maximizing Your Productivity ✨

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    Great framework. Cal Newport's book changed my professional life since I read it.

    Although I adopted the 'time blocking' strategy, I still struggle to understand if I should be a little bit less rigid with my calendar.

    I recently wrote a piece on the article from the CEO of Levels on how he takes calendar and time management to the next level, not only planning ahead but also analyzing backwards the effectiveness of time management for a whole year.... It's a debate that I always find helpful to initiate and get feedback from individuals in different contexts...


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      Very true! Cal Newport's ideas are extremely effective when executed.

      Thanks for sharing your post! It look's pretty interesting, I'll read it right away!

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    Looks great, I'm building something similar as well at https://getartemis.app

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    Really helpful article. Btw, I have a time blocking app that works on Windows, Android, iOS too : https://focuscommit.com/

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      Thanks for the appreciation @nguyen_tam!

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    Hey @siddhitaupare! I agree, time blocking is very important to help create a structure and be more efficient. I think, it helps a lot to stay on track, especially when you have to deal with several unrelated tasks. I like the fact that you mentioned to look back at the previous week and adjust your planning depending on how you're able to complete tasks. Thanks for sharing!

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      Absolutely you said it right!
      Thanks for your comment 😄

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    I agree - time blocking is great. It actually helps you get into a routine, which I think is the most important thing for productivity and for my own happiness. I use the Pomodoro technique a lot as part of it

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      Yes indeed! Pomodoro is super helpful as well!

      For anyone who wishes to give it a go and has a windows laptop, try using this extension. It's very nice, minimal and I have it on my PC as well.

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    Hi Siddhita. I time block and run a company with 7 full-time staff and 30+ freelancers. It is absolutely imperative to help me focus on key tasks. I run office hours when I am on slack and people can jump on calls with me and ask questions. Often I find staff answer their own questions before the office hours ;)

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      That is great to hear @PatGW! It's a lot of management work indeed. 🙌
      Is there any other productivity method that has worked for you?

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        Turning off slack and putting phone in another room. That transformed my work day

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          This is something different yeah! Although I haven't tried this one yet, I do have set automated work timings inside slack so I don't get any notifications post work hours.

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    Hi Siddhita,thanks for this.
    I'm huge fan of the time blocking technique after I read Cal Newport book " Deep Work" and for all the tactics that he explains in the book it's the best for me. That being said, in my case that I still have my day job so I work in any of my projects and side gigs in my free time. That means I end up with 3 to 4h a day, leading to a challenge to do the time block because you have days that it seem that you didn't do any improvement .
    So you really have to manage and follow the routines and task but also not create high expectations on every day.
    What is your take when adapting that for a short time of day?

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      Personally if you ask me, I think it's really more about finding out what method works for "you". I can totally relate to what you mentioned. It's really hard to effectively manage within those crucial 3-4 hrs.

      For some people like me, time blocking is really good because it helps us keep focus. However, for many people, having a time constraint doesn't help out a lot. Maybe a better solution would be selecting few tasks and completing them. Ultimately it comes down to testing and seeing what works.

      I often do this myself when I have similar situation and can't use time blocking. I pick 1-2 prominent tasks and make sure that they are done in the 3-4 hr time frame.

      Or you can even try reducing redundant waste of time by using automations to setup your schedule for that short period of time.

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    Thanks for sharing the article. Looks useful!

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