Time Slipping Through Your Fingers? 4 Effective Ways To Slow It Down!

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    Don't understand posting link(( Unvote +1

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      It takes a LOT of time & thought to create content. It makes perfect sense to post to 1 platform, then drive traffic to it. If I'm going to spend an hour writing a blog for my Wordpress site I don't want to publish that blog to a ton of different platforms. It takes too much of my time. I would post a link to my Wordpress blog on a bunch of different platforms (LinkedIn, IndieHackers, Facebook, etc.)

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        Thanks for answering this @ideaguy3d! Yes @fatrar, it really take big chunk of energy for me to ensure the content is valuable for the audience. Plus posting the entire blog over and over again adds up much more layers of complexity.

        And in fact, I frequently write native content for indiehackers but I have been getting great response to my medium blogs lately. So have been sharing the links directly! :)

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    Really interesting article! I have been exploring 'time affluence' and this is a great summary and explanation of how to 'have' more time.

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      Haha I am happy to see that you found it useful @Playgrounder. I would love to know the concept of time affluence too! Can you point me to any useful resources that I can refer as well?

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        Hey so sorry for the late reply, last week I moved to a remote island (of longevity) so definitely following the time theme :) I learned about time affluence in a free course called Science of well-being. https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being/lecture/I6MEY/time-affluence
        And I am testing and trying to use this approach in the way I am work on my business :) If you find it interesting too let me know..

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          That's interesting! I'll definately have a look at this today. Thanks a lot for sharing! ✨

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    Nice article! I also liked the advice on using no-code solutions. It's crazy how recently so much stuff became already automated even for software developers.

    Cannot imagine how our(devs) work will change in the coming years

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      Glad to hear you liked reading the article! and yeah absolutely! No code is going to be disruptive indeed 🙌

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