Tip: Add an upsell to your welcome email to increase conversions

The first email you send to a new user has an unusually high likelihood of getting their attention. Increase paid conversions by using your welcome email to encourage free users to upgrade.

Welcome emails have one of the highest open rates of any email, averaging at around 50%. That makes them prime real estate, and if the recipient happens to be on your free tier, it's a perfect opportunity to let them know what a premium account could do for them. But first, it's important to make the new user feel welcome — that's the point of the email, after all. Make sure they know that they're a valued member of the community. Then, set them up for success by educating them and providing links to valuable resources. This is a great place to plug your premium tier. You can also add a button close to the bottom of the email with a strong call to action. And to sweeten the deal, consider offering a time-sensitive discount.

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    Very helpful tip!

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    Love these quick tips! Thanks for sharing!

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      🙏 Thanks, David - glad you like em!

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