Tip: Add subtitles to your videos to increase viewership

Viewers need to be able to get value out of your videos without cranking up the audio. Make your video content more effective by adding subtitles.

Subtitles make videos more accessible for those who are hard of hearing, those who aren't fluent in your language, and those who aren't in an environment that is conducive to audio. They also bring in more views, and viewers tend to complete more of each video. One study of videos on Facebook showed that captioned videos got 15% more shares and 26% more clickthroughs on calls to action. And then there's the fact that subtitles also improve comprehension, attention, and recall. These benefits and others indirectly impact SEO, and there may be direct benefits too. The easiest and cheapest way to set up subtitles is through the automatic captioning available on YouTube, Facebook, etc. But make sure to edit these, as they often go awry. You can also use services like Rev or 3Play Media to get transcriptions in the form of SRT files which can then be uploaded easily to most video platforms.

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