Tip: Add transcripts to your audio and video content to build your audience

If you're already going to the trouble of creating podcast episodes or videos, creating a transcript is the easy part. And it can give you a big boost. Add transcripts to your audio and video content to get more traffic.

Transcripts increased the number of people who discovered This American Life through organic search by 6.68%. And inbound links went up by 3.89%. All because of a little transcript. They help your SEO by allowing search engines to crawl the text. They make the content more accessible and digestible. And they might even help you make fans out of the skimmers who don't want to dedicate an hour to a podcast. After recording your content, use a service like Happy Scribe or 3Play Media to transcribe it. Or if you're feeling thrifty, you can upload your video to YouTube and download the automatically-generated subtitles. You'll just have to do a little editing to turn it into a legible transcript. And consider leveraging interactive transcripts, as these benefit the learning process and create an even better user experience.

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    I agree! If you run a podcast, need a transcript and would like to support a fellow IndieHacker, here’s an app that a friend and I have been working on for the last 10 years or so: https://transcribe.wreally.com/

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    This is a great tip in general; transcripts are super important for accessibility, and even those who don't use it for accessibility reasons find them useful!

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    Hey GrowthBites this is a sick post bois!!

    Funny enough, my tool Spread is actually built exactly for this purpose and much more too...

    Spread quickly transcribes video and audio files with precision, that can then be edited into blog posts/transcripts with our built-in editor. (We're basically the cheaper Indiehacker version of HappyScribe). You can then turn this blog post into a Twitter thread within our system too :)

    We're releasing a soft launch soon so you can sign up here!!!

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